Mob on the Tyne

Some great if grainy footage shot in Newcastle in 1971 featuring local Skinhead and Biker gangs of the time. There's the usual psychological bollocks spoken by a typically aloof Doctor of something but don't let that get in the way of inner city wasteland, Frankie Vaughan and Bobby Charlton's comb over ! If you're from the US you may need a translator. Thanks to Greenwich Stu.


So Made of Stone has finally arrived, a little later than promised but worth the wait. It has some epic footage from the last year of gigs, especially of an outstanding version of Fools Gold and some great unseen cine footage from the early 80's. Big thanks to Warp Films, SJM and the lads. On general release from June 5th.

Pendleton Dave

Pendleton Dave from Spitalfields Market, probably the best vintage clothes in London, film via Jason Jules. If you're up north check out Bionic Seven in Manchester for an equally well sourced collection of hard to find American and European classics.

Carry on Jack

Been after a decent Deck Jacket for more than a few years now as I've mentioned previously.  Recently I came across a French "Marine Nationale" on everyones favourite auction site. It was a stunner from the early '50's and still had it's removable hood, I'd seen plenty of US versions but wasn't even aware the French issued a similar one.

Anyway, I thought I was on to a steal, sat at my keyboard just waiting for the point to stick my modest bid in and sit back and wait for the parcel from France.  Seconds later the bids were flying in and as it approached £400 I decided to go to the pub instead.


Bill Ray

In 1965 LIFE photographer Bill Ray was given the assignment to work with the San Bernadino Hells Angels, the "Mother Charter" or founding chapter in 1948. After gaining the trust of club members he finally spent a couple of weeks with them, documenting their daily lives.

The assignment never got to the hallowed pages of LIFE but the images finally saw the light of day recently when Bill himself published them in "HELLS ANGELS OF SAN BERDOO".
I got this as a gift from a good friend recently, you can get it from BLURB .

Captain Sensible ?

Savage Skulls

Been meaning to post this about 70's New York gangs for ever but it just slipped till yesterday (cheers Eights), well worth an hour of feet up before the owner pulls it from Youtube.